SAMPA – World Schools Biathlon / SA Biathlon “MODERN BIATHLON” INVITATION CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021,  Monday 12 July 2021 in Somerset West.

SAMPA in conjunction with SA Biathlon is staging this experimental meeting between this two national sport bodies in order to further cooperation between the two bodies in future and to possibly open a channel for international competition in the future. As this opportunity came in short time, EDEN Biathlon could not organize trials as the distances [and some age groups] differ from what our athletes are accustom to.

In the past when our athletes took part in biathle [under the jurisdiction of Eden MPA] where they register with Eden MPA.  We advise our biathletes to follow the same route if they want to partake at the abovenamed meeting.  The do carry the support of EDEN Biathlon.

Attached please find the relevant information and correspondence received.  Interested athletes can contact the following person[s] at Eden MPA for the process of registering: