Mooi storie – dit onderstreep net weer die ongelooflike omgee-gees onder tweekampers!  Die brief kom van ‘n OP-atleet se moeder.

Dear SWD Biathlon team

It is with great pride, and emotion, that I send this picture. My daughter Caitlin, was running in the U/11, and had started really well. Unfortunately the heat affected her quite quickly and she slowed down to almost last ‎towards the last turn of the final lap.

We found this picture taken of my daughter and one of your team members, according to the results, we seem to think her name is Catherine.

As Catherine passed Caitlin, she slowed‎ down and waited for Caitlin. Catherine then said to Caitlin, ‘You can do it, come on.’

Catherine then sprinted too the finish. As Caitlin finished the run, Catherine came up to her and said to her, ‘I knew you could.’

We would like you to thank Catherine for us. She, and her parents can be proud of her sportsmanship.‎ 

All the best to another successful Biathlon season.


Jacqui Rademakers